In a groundbreaking achievement, Loroo Emmanuel Esekon, a dedicated volunteer welding staff at the County Department of Water Services drilling unit, has clinched victory at the finals of the prestigious Presidential Innovation Challenge Awards, securing a notable Ksh 500,000 in cash.
This triumph adds to Esekon’s accolades, as earlier in the year, he received a trophy at the Devolution Heroes competition held in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County.
Hailing from Turkana, Esekon has swiftly become a notable figure in the realm of innovation.
Esekon’s global recognition stems from his ingenious approach to creating a modernized version of the traditional Turkana stool, famously known as “Ekicholong.” Notably, he integrated climate-smart techniques, utilizing recycled waste metallic materials.
Beyond his craftsmanship, Esekon actively inspires the youth to enrol in vocational skills training, fostering livelihood transformation within the community.
The significant cash reward was presented to Esekon through a ceremonial cheque at the Kenya Innovation Week, hosted at the prestigious Edge Convention Centre in Nairobi, underscoring the national acknowledgement of his innovative contributions.
Beyond his role as an innovator, Loroo Emmanuel Esekon is a distinguished ambassador for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).
With plans to extend his impact, Esekon is gearing up to participate in regional and international innovation challenges, solidifying his commitment to driving positive change through creativity and skill development.
In the landscape of Turkana, Esekon stands as an illustrious son, bringing innovation, recognition, and a transformative vision for the future. His journey serves as an inspiring narrative of local talent making a global impact